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Domain names powered by DOMAINS.COM.AU, Australia's leading provider of instant self-service $14.90 p.a .COM.AU domain names, mean you're able to instantly register or renew your company or business name, capitalise on a new concept or product, or simply protect your valuable Intellectual Property (IP) from abuse by others. Please remember these handy pointers when registering your preferred domain name:

- Keep it short (

- Spell it correctly (, not

- Avoid abbreviations (, not

- Use it for web *and* email (,

If you find one that matches perfectly, register as many suffixes as you can afford as this will then protect you from others coming along later and competing with you or confusing your customers. It's actually very tricky registering a good domain name so put the time in to get it right. As Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important for the future success of most online services, you might want to see what people are searching for now by using Google's Keyword Tool

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