Domains Support

Below you will find a knoledge base containing answers to some of the popular support requests. Feel free to search our domain name registrar TPP Wholesale's Support Site or Contact Us if you have any additional questions.

How to set up URL Forwarding or DNS Settings

Please note that unless you are a Web Developer or are experienced in manipulating DNS settings, DOMAINSCOMAU recommends that you use URL Forwarding only to redirect your domain to your website and consult your IT Consultant or Web Developer if you require additional assistance.

  • - Login
  • to
  • - Select the domain you want and click on the "Administer" button
  • - Click on "Upgrade or Downgrade Hosting Package"
  • - Click on "Add Hosting"
  • - Select "TPP URL Forwarding/DNS Hosting"
  • - Click on "Continue"
  • - Tick "I agree to the terms outlined in the Terms and Conditions"
  • - Click on "Place your Order"
  • - Click on "Console Home"
  • - Select the domain you want and click on the "Administer" button
  • - Click on "Domain Name"
  • - Go down to "Domain Delegation" and insert your name servers if you are wanting to use name servers for your domain name delegation (you should be able to get these from your hosting company etc)

  • If you simply want domain name redirection (URL Forwarding or pointing to another URL), wait until the above order has been fully processed (a few hours) and then you will be able to redirect the domain name from the Administer step above.
  • - Click on "Redirector is Disabled - Click here to enable"
  • - Click on "Redirection"
  • - Insert URL that you want your domain name to be pointed to and what other details you want to appear
  • - Click on "Change Redirector"
  • - Wait an hour and test or remove by going back to DNS Administration and clicking on "Click here to disable Redirector".

How to setup email account using Outlook 2000

  • - Click Tools from the menu bar
  • - Click Accounts from the drop down menu
  • - Click [Add] and select Mail
  • - Type the Display name for the email account
  • - Click [Next]
  • - Type the Email address, e.g.
  • - Click [Next]

    Complete the following information:

  • - My incoming mail server is a: Select POP or IMAP from the drop down
  • - Incoming mail server: or (depending which account type you've selected)
  • - Outgoing mail server: or your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) outgoing mail server
  • - Click [Next]

    Complete the following information:

  • - Account Name: The full email address of the account, e.g.
  • - Password: The password used for this email account
  • - Remember Password: Selected
  • - Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA): Unselected
  • - Click [Next]
  • - Click [Finish]

    In the Internet Accounts window, select the email account just created (, then click [Properties]

  • - Select the Servers tab
  • - Select My server requires authentication
  • - Select the Advanced tab

    In the Server Port Numbers window:

  • - With SSL Encryption:
  • - This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) = Selected
  • - Change the Outgoing mail(SMTP) number to 465
  • - Use the following type of encrypted connection = SSL

    Without SSL Encryption:

  • - This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) = Unselected
  • - Change the Outgoing mail (SMTP) number to 587
  • - Use the following type of encrypted connection = None
  • - Click [OK]
  • - Click [Close]

We recommend you consult your IT Consultant if you require additional assistance.

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